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Metis Advisory believes in taking holistic view of the organizations. It practices “Systems Thinking”. This is a management discipline that focusses on understanding the system and sees it as sub-systems or components. It is important to understand the linkages, dynamics or relationships between various components of the system and to understand how do they interact and affect each other and to what extent they affect each other. The system and its components can be broken into basic units of Policies, Processes, Practices and People. Understanding the cause and effect relationships also helps understand how a small change in a sub-system would affect the organization as a whole.

Business Process Engineering

Today’s business environment is characterized by rapid changes in technology. With increased globalization, faster information dissemination, the markets are becoming information efficient leading to reduced period of competitive advantage. The companies are forced to continuously reduce their time to market and forced to improve efficiency of their processes.

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Business Planning

Help organisations envision, build or improve their business models. Help Organisations and start ups create business models that integrate strategy, people, processes and technology and stakeholders such as customers and suppliers. Work with organisation in breaking organisational goals into goals of business units, business functions and people.

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What we do for you?

Help business men develop business ideas. Develop vision and mission, identify values and develop Strategic Plans. Help scale up and grow business by identifying new areas of business, evaluate feasibility of new ventures, products.

Develop Strategies and business plans for existing businesses and startups.

Create systems, that is develop policies, processes and workflows, control frameworks and procedures and management information systems in functional areas of Finance and Accounts, HR, Procurement and Administration. 

Assist in adoption of ERPs to facilitate automation of complete systems ( in Finance, HR, Procurement and Administration, Inventory management). Link systems like budgeting and accounting to ease comparisons and analysis.

Study and analyse existing policies, workflow processes and structures. Streamline workflow processes across departments and functions to align them. Integrated work flow processes to dovetail manual processes in automated processes to streamline operations and reduce redundancies in data management, to minimise risks, and to minimise complexities in reconciliations. Improve quality or efficiency in the processes.

Training and development

Develop manuals in Finance and Accounts, HR, Procurement and Administration.

Design of organisation structure in Finance and associated functions. Developing Job profiles and job descriptions. Help build teams. Identify training and development needs of finance and accounts staff and provide trainings.

Documenting processes to ease certifications like ISO 9000.

Financial reviews and pre-award surveys of NGOs. Review policies, processes and systems of sub-grantees and vendors to ensure that they have adequate management controls to comply with grant provisions and comply with statutory laws.

Outsourcing of processes

  • Identify processes to be outsourced
  • Develop transition plan and migration/ transfer of processes.
  • Identify and minimise risks in transition
  • Helping choose an agency. Conduct due diligence

Design accounting systems and processes based on best practices in management and reporting needs. This includes design of accounting segments, chart of accounts, policies and procedures besides processes.