Business Process Engineering

Today’s business environment is characterized by rapid changes in technology. With increased globalization, faster information dissemination, the markets are becoming information efficient leading to reduced period of competitive advantage. The companies are forced to continuously reduce their time to market and forced to improve efficiency of their processes.  It is time companies reviewed their systems and redesigned them to encourage innovation at various levels.

Business process engineering is creating systems, that is, a framework of policies, processes and procedures, and developing Management Information Systems to track progress.

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How it works

Metis creates systems, work processes and structures for a business model. It designs policies, work flows and procedures, Management Information Systems specific to business model or nature of business and the culture of the organisation.  It works with startups and  new business ventures in developing a  framework of policies, processes and procedures so that they can quickly ramp up or scale up their businesses. They cannot afford to be bureaucratic or slow down their speed. It is a tight rope walk between flexibility and individuality on one hand and standardization and control on another.

Advantages of Business Process Engineering

Business Process Engineering (BPE) focusses on team building around processes. Streamlined processes are tools to increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs, reduce product development time and to increase profits.

Gives confidence to owner/ managers to delegate – The systems give confidence to managers to delegate activities. Small and medium companies run and managed by families can scale their operations by delegating to their managers.

Eliminates unproductive uses of time. BPR helps companies in identifying unproductive tasks and duplications. Thus saving time and improving productivity of employees .

Empowers people. Delegation comes with